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EFV code of ethics of Facebook and website

The Facebook page of EFV is a space for exchange of ideas, opinions and mutual respect . The purpose of the page is to inform, communicate , and share advice .

The administrators of the Facebook page and website reserve the right to remove :
-racist , xenophobic, revisionist posts ;
-hate messages, defamatory , offensive or aggressive attack of race , ethnicity , religion , disability , gender , age or sexual orientation / identity content ;
-incitement to racial hatred , incitement to violence or murder ;
-messages of pornographic or obscene character ;
-personal insults between participants;
-posts infringing the privacy of other participants or third parties , or disclosure of personal information to other members;
-the advertising and marketing messages , news and political organizations ;
-posts to discredit the other reviews and publications in a non constructive purpose ;
-off-topic or incomprehensible posts.