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Extracurricular activity

Words of the head manager for extracurricular activities :


Karim Madaoui


I would like to present to you here the various activities proposed by the French School of Vilnius. You will also find the statement of specifications that we respect for each activity.

To begin, the essential points of our approach are:

Continuity of the teaching project: We seek to develop the creativity and wellbeing of our students. The aim is to offer the most propitious conditions for success and development. Extracurricular activities must take a playful form. It is not about heaping work on a student after a day of class.

Safety of the students: This is the central question before the implementation of each activity. We scrupulously ensure compliance with health and safety standards.

Goal: This should be set right from the start. It may for example be a concert, a show or writing a small book. Through his creations, the child must be valued, heard, listened to and understood, but he also learns to complete a project.

Greater openness: The school wants to open its doors to parents and to offer them the chance to become involved in extracurricular life through French evening courses.

I am open to all proposals that you might make. Do not hesitate to contact me by mail: karimmadaoui@efv.lt or come see me at the institution. My office is located on the 2nd floor in the corridor leading to the library.

Karim Madaoui