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Words from our documentalist:


Bart Pauwels

Hello everybody,

I will use these few lines to try to introduce you to the place where I am fortunate to work every day and the activities that I have the opportunity to conduct there.

At the heart of our establishment is the Document Centre Library (DCL). The children of the junior school (Petite Section) up to CM2 (Cours Moyen 2) spend an hour a week there reading a book, listening to a story or doing research work. The DCL is a central point in our establishment. Children like to spend time there reading a comic, discovering a new album or delving into various documentaries. Our essential mission is to introduce children to the French language through the spoken word and writing. Right from CE1 (Elementary Course 1), children can borrow one book every week to take home.

Extra-curricular activities take place in the library. We know that the children love this place and feel well there. Our mission is to make it a place of creativity, discovery and learning.

In the years to come we will transform it by-by-bit into a centre of documentation and information. (CDI)

Thank you all for helping us to make this place a living place!

Bart Pauwels