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Cooperative management

The Montesquieu International French Lyceum of Vilnius is a not-for-profit school managed privately by parents.

The School’s administration, accounting and management depend on the voluntary commitment of the parents in the parents’ association:

Association of Parents of Pupils of the French International Lyceum of Vilnius. (See: Statutes of the Association)

When enrolling their children, parents become full members of this Association and they make a commitment to:

– take part in general meetings;

– give their help or their commitment to the office holders of the Association;

– lend their support, to the extent of their means, to the proper functioning of the school.

The administrative and financial management of the institution is done by the office holders of the Association, members of which are elected and partially replaced every year by parents of students. The office holders meet regularly in the Management Committee (consisting of the office holders of the Association, the Cultural Advisor of the Embassy, the Director of the School and the Administrative and Financial Manager) to deliberate on issues concerning the life of the institution and to vote on the budget.

Management Committee

Managing board of the Association is composed of 9 elected Members:

Mister Jérôme Guillaume is the President of the Association

Madam Vaidutė Stundžaitė-Bružienė is the Vice President

Mister Thierry Lauvray is the Treasurer

Madam Tatjana Birilo-Nguyen is the Secretary


School Board


The Board deals with:

– The establishment project, on the basis of a proposal from the School Board and the Secondary School Council.

– The internal running of the institution in consultation with the preparatory bodies (the School Board and the Secondary School Council).

– The school day (hours) and the calendar of the school year.

– Proposing a list of positions for expatriate staff and local residents.

It gives its opinion on:

– Proposals for changing educational structures and composition of classes.

– Educational activities projects.

– The program of activities of associations and clubs functioning within the institution, having regard to temporary permission extended to them to occupy the premises.

– Issues relating to making the parents of pupils welcome and keeping them informed, and the general modalities of their participation in the life of the establishment.

– Programming and financing pupils’ academic excursions.

– Organizing student life.

– Issues of hygiene, health and safety and the work to be done in these fields.

– Welcoming and supporting students with disabilities.

– Catering for the student body.

 Management of the school, administrative and educational supervision

The School is managed by Mr Gilles Dervieux, a public servant from the French Ministry of Education recruited directly by AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad).

Mr Gilles Dervieux is the guarantor of the implementation of the guidelines and programs of French education. He is responsible for the operation and organisation of the school. He chairs the School Board, the School Council and attends meetings of the Management Committee as a consultative Member.

The Cooperation and Cultural Action Service of the French Embassy in Vilnius for its part provides the administrative supervision of the school, through the mediation of the Counsellor for Cooperation and Cultural Action (COCAC). The COCAC is an ex officio member of the various decision-making bodies of the School (Management Committee, Board of Governors, School Board). In Vilnius the COCAC Counsellor is Mr Frédéric Bellido, who is also the Director of the Institut Français (see link: http://www.institutfrancais.com).

The educational supervision of the School is provided by AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad):

– at the first stage (infant school and elementary school) by the Inspector of National Education for the Scandinavian and Eastern Europe area. The person concerned is Mr Philippe Wolff, whose office is located within the Lycée Français de Prague (French School of Prague – Czech Republic);

– at the second stage (secondary education), the educational supervision is ensured by inspectors responsible for the various disciplines. They are based in Paris.

Current office bearers of the Association of Parents of Students in the French School of Vilnius

The President of the Association is Ms Aistė Černiauskaitė-Merkinas.

Honorific Surname Given name Date of election
Mr Bačkis Vytas 27 Nov. 2013
Mr Barbier Jacques 27 Nov. 2013
Mr Berthaud Philippe 27 Nov. 2013
Mr Bulavas Eugenijus 27 Nov. 2013
Madame Černiauskaitė-Merkinas Aistė 27 Nov. 2013
Mr Gorecki-Mickiewicz Roman 27 Nov. 2013
Mr Jacquet Guilhem 27 Nov. 2013
Madame Simaitienė Inga 27 Nov. 2013
Madame Stundžaitė-Bružienė Vaidutė 27 Nov. 2013
Monsieur Bačkis Rimvydas Honorary Member


Current office holders of the School Board

Teaching personnel Ms Claire BAČKIS, Ms Raphaëlle LAMY, Ms Iwona LEYRAHOUX, Mr Yvan LECLERE
Non-teaching personnel Ms Olga ŠALTIENĖ
Parents of students Ms Yvette HANNAUX, Ms Albane QUEMARD-BAROYER, Mr Benoît FRACHON
Students Mr Jules MOLLARD
Administration Mr DERVIEUX Gilles, Ms WALCZYK Natacha, Ms VARNAITĖ Indra, Mr BELLIDO Frédéric


The School is supported by several benefactors, sponsors and partners