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From our CPE (School Counselor):



Here are some points to explain the functioning of school life.

A School Counselor exercises their educational responsibilities in the organization and running of school life. Their action is based on knowledge of each student’s personal situation.

They partner with teachers to ensure an individual follow-up of each student. In collaboration with teachers, the CPE helps to advise students in choosing their career plans.

The CPE contributes to the primary mission of School which is to instruct and educate in order to lead all the students to academic success and to share the principles of community life.

The CPE’s mission can be defined as such:

To place the teenagers in the best conditions for individual and group life, academic success and personal fulfillment.

A CPE’s main objectives are to help students:

– To seize the rules of collective life and make them theirs,

– To prepare to become enlightened citizens,

– To behave more independently and to take initiatives,

– To take part of social and professional life.

The CPE takes their legitimate role in the appropriation of the values ​​of tolerance, solidarity and living together.

They seek to maintain a dialogue with families and to participate in the relationship between parents and the school.

The organization of school life

The CPE manages the spaces and times of students’ school life by organizing the greeting and reception conditions, the moments when the children are going in and out of school, as well as movements and flows (recreation, work and study zones).

They have a role in respecting the child’s life and work pace by elaborating and organizing the timetables, and also by adapting them when a teacher is absent.

They participate in supporting the students out of class time in making space and resources available, which are necessary for their autonomy.

The quality of the school climate

The CPE works with their team to ensure the management, student safety and tracking of absences and delays. The team contributes to the prevention and the fight against all forms of discrimination, rudeness, violence and harassment.

The CPE also has a role in the prevention and management of conflicts. They work by emphasizing dialogue and mediation from an educational perspective. This contributes to the quality of the school climate, ensuring optimal conditions for learning and community life.

Team building

To carry out their missions, the CPE builds their actions by using on their team and the internal rules of the institution. The CPE specifies the tasks and schedule of each team member for the sake of consistency and efficiency.

Here are the rules of our school: Internal Rules EFV-2015