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The teaching of languages


FrenchThis is the language of instruction; the education is delivered in French.

It is practised from the age of 2 years through an educational system identical to that of schools in France.

In small classes, a Lithuanian-speaking assistant helps the children.

From the first year, education is in French.

By action-based teaching, the child gets his bearings in the French language.

Little by little, the child enriches his vocabulary and is able to understand and communicate in French.

Subsequently, with individualised teaching, the child is able to pass from proficiency in the oral language to proficiency in the written language.



Learning Lithuanian is assured for everyone from infant school and it is continued until the end of schooling. The objective is to enable Lithuanians to perfectly master their native language. Children of other nationalities learn Lithuanian as a foreign language.

It is our heartfelt desire for Lithuanian children to master their native language perfectly.

In the nursery classes, time is devoted to Lithuanian communication activities in order to instil a feeling for the language, leading to the mastery of their native language.

A Lithuanian teacher participates right from the first year of primary school in a Lithuanian-teaching program conforming to those of Lithuanian schools.

French pupils and those of third nationalities also receive Lithuanian language teaching right from the first year of primary school.


English is taught right from the first year of primary school at the rate of three sessions per week. Certain subjects will also be taught in English.


Third Language:

From the fourth year, students choose a second modern language (after English).


By the time they finish their schooling at Vilnius French School, our students have mastered at least 4 languages (native language + 3 others).

Starting this year, College students (4th year) will receive 3 hours of tuition in Spanish.